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    December 3, 2019 by

    Hello my name is Emma and this is my blog about things you can have fun with in your spare time. I’m new to WordPress so bare with me as I will be learning how to use it on my journey with you. Start doing fun things I was sat in bed the other morning… Read more

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    December 3, 2019 by

    My name is Emma, I live in the UK and have 2 young children. I find people interesting and am trying to re ignite my spark for life! I will be posting at least once a week to begin with and hopefully meet some great people at the same time. The blog is mainly how… Read more

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Hello my name is Emma and this is my blog about things you can have fun with in your spare time.

I’m new to WordPress so bare with me as I will be learning how to use it on my journey with you.

Start doing fun things

I was sat in bed the other morning and was thinking how my life had changed since this same time last year. I was feeling generally down and depressed with life “depressed” is a term I maybe should not use, as I do not suffer with real depression. Though I think most people will no what I mean? Anyhow with Christmas on the way, I decided to get an head start for a new years resolution, and do more fun things that cheered me up. over the next few months I made a concerted effort to make time for these things and not just think about the mundane things like housework, money and work. I needed to re-balance my life, do things that made me want to get up in the morning, rather than feeling like “what do I have to get up for” or “I only serve other people so whats the bother getting out of bed”. These are just a number of things that can go through your head.

The new chapter

Well once I decided to go for it, I sat down and though long and hard with all the things I used to enjoy. This wasn’t as easy as I thought, The odd thing came into my head like “having a coffee in a coffee shop”, or “going shopping for clothes”. I needed more than this! I really needed to relax but not to the point where I pretended to be 17 again, going out with no responsibilities.

I jotted some things down and one of the things was “to listen to more music”, whether it be in the car in the home or even when walking somewhere. This simple little thing can relax you so much without even realising. This had to be the start of my new beginning, I had lost touch with music new and old. This had to be one of the simplest things to implement with the technology of today! I remember having a Sony Walkman and other brands of personal cassette players. These relied on AAA batteries to power a motor that turned the tape. The major problem with this was the batteries didn’t last long. We had no lithium batteries that you could simply plug in and recharge. When they started to run out, the motor would turn slower and the music would play slower. Today we have our smartphones with all the technology that you really need in the palm of our hands!

Getting access to the music is also far much easier today that previously. There are lots of different channels where you can buy downloads, or listen to music for free. Like YouTube and spotify. Anyway you get the point ( I might follow this on in another blog post)it was easy for me to reconnect and listen to music, mush easier than I remember.

So listening to music was the first thing I implemented, which made a big difference to the way I thought. Once I was doing this I implemented a few other things I could do while listening to music like “exercise”. I started to go bike riding again, I really enjoy doing this but have not been out on a bike for years, the bonus was this helped me lose some weight and reignited my love of clothes.

One fun change

one fun change was the catalyst to set of a chain of 4-5 different things that made me happier.

  1. reconnecting with my love of music.
  2. Which made me get my bike out and do some exercise.
  3. Which helped me lose weight.
  4. Which helped me to enjoy shopping for clothes more.
  5. Which helped me to feel better about myself.
  6. Which gave me a ton more confidence.

Implementing one little change lead to a whole chain of events that made me have more purpose and feel better. Imagine If I could replicate this with the other changes changes I had jotted down…. This could be massive a game changer in returning my life to the more fun happy former self!

So this is where I am with this blog on my first post, and will be writing more about the changes I made over the last year.

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Thank you for reading

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